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Thai Asian Crunch Salad image

Thai Asian Crunch Salad


This salad features freshly chopped lettuce with diced oven roasted chicken. Topped with shredded carrots, diced onions, bell peppers and served with a sweet Thai chili sauce.

Street Tacos w/ Elote Corn image

Street Tacos w/ Elote Corn


3 mexican street tacos loaded with chicken and topped with onions, cilantro, fresh salsa and a side of lime. Served with Elote (aka. street corn) featuring a light coating of mayonnaise with cotija cheese, chili pwoder, and lime juice

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Chicken Salad Sandwich image

Chicken Salad Sandwich


Tender, diced chicken breast, seasoned to perfection, is mixed with sweet grapes for a burst of juiciness, and crunchy pecans adding a satisfying texture. The salad is bound together with a creamy mayo dressing and nestled between two slices of golden ciabatta bread. On the side, thinly sliced carrot fries thinly sliced that are tossed in olive oil, seasoned and air-fried to golden perfection.

Caramelized Black Pepper Chicken image

Caramelized Black Pepper Chicken


This Vietnamese dish features succulent chicken pan fried in sesame oil and cooked to a golden brown. Sweet vidalia onions caramelized to the perfect texture and flavor. Authentic vietnamese sauce blended with a thai chili paste, ginger, rice vinegar and a dash of brown sugar. All of this layered on a bed of soft steamed rice and sprinkled with a touch of minced cilantro