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Weekly orders must be submitted by Friday at 10 pm for the following week.

Have a rush order? No worries, just let our friendly chat bot know :)

The weekly menu is updated every Wednesday. This helps to keep the ProVision experience fresh, seasonally relevant and top quality!

Meals are cooked and hand prepared Sunday evening. They are refrigerated overnight and then delivered to

Residents: Sunday 5-8 pm
Offices: Monday before 10 am

If Monday morning does not work, simply let us know when you need it. For office holidays, we will deliver the following business day before 10 am.

The ProVision culture is centered around growth and continuous improvement.

We analyze all of your personal feedback. Simply fill out the after meal survey and we will personally address your suggestions!



ProVision Plus is our premium service focused on elevating our customers to new standard of care.

ProVision Plus Perks include:

  • Free meals
  • Exclusive Pricing
  • Full Menu Access
  • A Truly Personalized Experience
  • Free Wellness Consults
  • Event Experiences
  • and much more

Our goal is to truly understand customer needs. If we can learn you, then we can provide the perfect experience custom tailored to you!

Signs of personalization:

  • The ProVision team knows you by name
  • Allergies tracked and your food kept isolated using clean equipment
  • Meals tracked by name and not order number
  • AI analyzes your wellness feedback to identify your food sensitivities.
  • With enough data, we provide a personal health impact score for each meal
  • It feels like your mom is making each meal again ;)