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No delivery fees, no service charges, no tipping and no hidden costs

Wellness Advisory Board

A dedicated team of medical professionals reviews each meal!

Elevated Quality

Hand prepared and carefully selected.
ProVision meals are never "manufactured".

Personalized Experience

Using innovative tools, we learn how your body reacts to different foods.

Your Personal Chef
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Enjoy personalized service, top quality meals and an elevated experience!

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Precision One

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104 Hours

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1300 Dollars

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72 %

increase in overall well-being

75 +

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A Word From Leadership


Founder CEO

MacKenzie Rummell

At ProVision, we blend the best of medicine, technology, and personalized nutrition to create meal plans tailored to you.

Instead of slinging "manufactured" meals at you like an antsy blackjack dealer, we take the time to learn your needs and provide the practical affordable support you need to live a happier, healthier life.


Chief Operations Officer

Morgan Rummell

While in school, I fell in love with the intricate balance between oral health and the digestive system.

Just as a tree draws essential nutrients through its roots, our bodies receive vitamins and minerals through the mouth. This sets the stage for a robust and harmonious digestive system.

Shaping my perspective, this journey led me to adopt a holistic lifestyle that encompasses not only dental hygiene but mindful nutrition and overall wellness practices.

Join me on a quest for smiles that radiate from the inside out. At ProVision we embrace the connection between oral health and the digestive system.

The Vision in ProVision
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